October 29, 2023

Building a Winning Marketing Strategy: From Concept to Execution

Creating a cohesive marketing strategy that delivers real results requires diligence across planning, development, implementation and ongoing optimization. This guide outlines a model for crafting comprehensive, data-driven campaigns. Begin by conducting thorough market research analyzing industry trends, competitors, target audiences and business goals. Develop buyer personas through surveys and website analytics to deeply understand customers.…

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Unlocking Funding Opportunities: The Art of Grant Writing

Securing grant funding is key to advancing many important causes. However, gaining limited funds requires strategic applications that capture reviewers’ interests. This comprehensive guide provides tips for effective grant writing.Mansheb Business Services provides a professional and reliable Grant Proposal and Grant Writing service to NGOs and non profit-making organisations across the world. Begin by researching…

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CV Writing and Interview Coaching: Landing Your Dream Job

Landing your dream job is no easy feat in today’s competitive landscape. Employers receive hundreds of applicants for every open position, so it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. This article, written by Work In Zimbabwe, a strategic business unit of Mansheb Business Services, explores proven techniques for crafting a powerful CV and preparing…

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